Case studies

Zahia is a small shop in Ghent selling North African antique textiles, arts and crafts. Ingeborg, the woman behind Zahia, is full of passion and always on the lookout for opportunities. Call it faith, but one day a string of antique beads broke and she decided to sell the beads separately. Customers loved the idea and came back for more.

Brand strategy

From the start Zahia aimed to be the reference for beads in Flanders. To accomplish this in a constantly evolving market it was crucial to develop a flexible brand strategy. Just like Saflot cc, Zahia believes change is necessary to evolve.

We set out the values and unique selling points of the brand and excluded all things redundant. We defined authenticity as the essence of Zahia. Consumers didn’t need another shop selling beads and DIY tools. They longed for inspiration, old and new treasures to discover just like they would on a small market abroad.

Brand identity

To be competitive and to extend beyond traditional branding we turned Zahia into a multi-sensory experience. We created a rich brand identity with a deeper, more consistent brand experience appealing to the full spectrum of senses.


Communication tools

We took consumers on a trip around the world, virtually. Via the website, social media, mailings and posters we let consumers discover new and exciting items through storytelling.

We added the history of ethnic gemstones to their information card. We invited DIY designers for a professional photoshoot, photographed them with their favourite design and shared their lifesize portrait in the shops. Special folded flyers spread the quotes of strong Zahia women, we organised trips to glass artists in Venice and published the Zahia book.

The new visual identity established and reinforced Zahia’s place on the market. Our memorable and easy recognisable visuals triggered customers and helped them find Zahia. We implemented the visuals and the brand’s message consistently but flexible and able to respond to trends.

A simple, straightforward logo and clean typography are the basis of the visual identity. Any other element like colour, pattern and even service (!) is trend sensitive, but loyal to the brand’s essence. Each year, a new visual approach will boost the latest collection and the personal shopping experience.



Today Zahia is a renowned beads webshop with shops spread over 5 cities. Zahia sells everything for DIY jewelry and offers a wide range of workshops in the shop, at home or abroad. Increasing sales show people’s love for Zahia and the new brand experience.