Vera Ponnet

Owner - Industrial Designer

With over 20 years of experience Vera acquired relevant expertise in strategy, innovative concepts, graphic design and marketing implementation. Her pragmatic approach and hands-on attitude take every project to the next level.

She translates the brand’s strengths, vision and strategic goals in a brand story, which determines the graphic design. She’s responsible for aligning the corporate identity and the communication tools both off- and online matching the story. Everything she and her team of freelancers design underlines the identity of the final customer.


Adriaan Debruyne

Owner - Design Navigator

Many years of experience make Adriaan the perfect guide in strategic design implementation. His eye for business opportunities is sharp because he analyses consumer insights in the light of technological breakthroughs and social changes.

He transforms ideas into beautiful and attainable products that fit the strategic goals. During the design process he and his team of freelancers visualise every step. Various design communication tools facilitate decision making in selecting the right concept and verifying feasibility.

Our team

Solid & multidisciplinary

We, our freelancers and business partners all work together on the same level. Each one of them is invaluable to Saflot cc because of their experience, knowledge and unique skills. They not only work with us, they inspire us and contribute to outstanding results.

Throughout the years we established a close network of talents in design research, ethnographic research, business development, brand strategy, 3D CAD, engineering, social media strategy, copywriting, public relations, web development, photography and illustration.

Design research
Brand Strategy


Reliable & qualified

To meet our high standards we select the suppliers for each project wisely. Carefully we consider their service, experience, commitment, craftsmanship and knowledge about materials before assigning the job. As a lot of innovative ideas arise from challenging each other we believe in a collaboration with our suppliers.

We work closely with suppliers leading in offset and digital printing, XL signage, 3D printing (from teeny-tiny to humongous-huge), raw materials, moulds production, an extensive range of manufacturing processes and assembly services.

Offset and digital printing
XL signage
3D printing
Raw materials
Manufacturing processes
Assembly services