Case studies

Curana is a worldwide trendsetter and manufacturer of extraordinary bike equipment and bike accessories. Our professional relation with Curana goes way back and concerns services from strategy over product design to communication. Together, we aim for an optimal biking experience.

Business Strategy

First of all, we studied and analysed ethnographic and technological trends. The results of this research helped us to define new business opportunities and to translate them into innovative business models.

Concept exploration

In order for Curana to excel in innovation, exploration and experimentation were necessary. We tested the possibilities and boundaries of production techniques and materials, both traditional and advanced. Manual sketching gave us insights crucial for converting innovative product ideas to real prototypes.

Concept presentation

We verified our ideas with the product managers of the related bicycle brands by showing them inspiring visualisations and state of the art prototypes. As they are their most important customers, their feedback played an important role in the development process.


3D CAD & Prototyping

In an early stage we executed the concept into detail and verified feasibility with our high-end 3D CAD system. Next prototypes were printed in 3D to check several criteria before presenting to the related bicycle brands.

Production guidance

In close collaboration with our manufacturing partner and towards the chosen production techniques we optimised every product in detail.


We built the brand identity of Curana and translated their innovative mindset into the on- and offline communication tools. The look and feel of the website, exhibition boots, graphic material, … They all tell the same story.



When we first sat around the table Curana was a local producer of anonymous bicycle related products. We clenched our strengths and set out the strategic goals. Today Curana is not only an acclaimed and innovative international player on the bicycle market, they also keep on growing.